Best Foot Forward: World Balance Flexour (Slides)


With the pandemic alert level starting to go down here in the Philippines particularly in Metro Manila, different activities are starting to be allowed again, including basketball (as long as you still follow the basic safety precautions). So with basketball back again, I started to join basketball games again in my neighborhood. After being sidelined (Covid), I am starting to get back in game shape but I still have some weeks worth of conditioning and playing to go because I feel the soreness in my arms, legs and feet after games. Because of that, I decided to cop some slides to wear after games just to give my feet some chance to rest and be comfy after hours of playing. And while I seldom do an overview review on slides or slippers, I decided to make one because I am pretty impressed with this. This is the Best Foot Forward or just an initial impression review on the World Balance Flexour.

The first thing that I love about the slide is the look. It is simple-looking but really comfortable. The first time I saw them promote their slides on their page some months ago, I was intrigued because they say that they are using some type of foam which they call SFoam. I said to myself that maybe I'll try it someday when I find the need to get one. So going back to the present, I decided to get one. Although not the same model, I like this one because it looks simple. The blue color blocking with red hits is just subtle but still looks good. Not too flashy, but still get gets the job done. If you want a more flashy looking slides from World Balance, I think they have another model which is nice and colorful.

There are 2 straps on top which you can adjust to give you a more custom fit. The size that I get was size 40, which is different from my shoe/sneaker size (41). The size 40 is a perfect fit for me for slides but I would suggest that you go and try them on in store if you get the chance. The Flexour is pretty light and perfect after ball games and the comfort that the SFoam gives has a somewhat plush feel. It has some give but not too much that your feet sinks too much in the footbed. In fact, since I am still sore from the game yesterday, I am going to wear this later at the mall for some quick errands. The price of the World Balance Flexour is Php 799 which is a bang for your buck if you ask me. You get a good quality slides which offers comfort. If you are looking for some slides for you to rock after exercise activities or maybe just to use to walk around leisurely, I suggest that you give them a try. They are available at World Balance stores and on their webstore. Here are some images that you can check out. 


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