adidas Crazy 1 dropping in 2022?


The buzz is getting louder and louder and I also hope that we get to see the adidas Crazy 1 dropping this year. In case you didn't know, this model was worn by Kobe Bryant when he was signed with adidas during the early part of his career. Of course, for some legal issues, adidas had to rename the model when it first retroed some years ago. And even though adidas haven't made an official announcement yet, I just wish that they release them again this year (in good amount of quantities) because I do plan on copping a pair and do a review.

Inspired by the Audi Roadster, the color that will be releasing is this Sunshine Yellow which was also an OG colorway back in the day and honestly I am okay with this. But should they decide to release other colorways like the black or grey or white then that would be lovely. If there is one thing that I would wish is that they do this in Restomod style just like what they did with the TMacs and the DRose retroes. An cushion upgrade to Bounce foam would be best in my opinion. It wouldn't make any major change with regards to the aesthetics, the performance would be bump to a notch, and most importantly, the price would not be too high. What do you think? We could only make wild guesses and wishful thinkings until adidas officially announce them so be sure to check out for more sneaker news.



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