Anta BaDao 3.0


The Anta BaDao 3.0 is a combination of what looks to be a lifestyle shoe with some sporty elements or design cues. While there are 3 colorways on the store shelf, the one with the denim upper really captures my attention that's why I took more detailed images of it compared to the other two. For me, it is one of those kicks that you want to take another look and admire the shoe. So depending on the style, you will get a different upper materials which is either denim or the more regular synthetic materials if you don't want to look too flashy. But for the midsole down, it is pretty much the same. EVA foam was used in the midsole but it has some give to it and it doesn't feel to stiff which is also a plus. The outsole do not have a full coverage underneath because you can see a large part of the foam still used as an outsole to somewhat reduce weight, after all, this is still considered a lifestyle shoe. The retail price on these is Php 3,995 which I spotted at the Anta store in Trinoma. I am not sure if they are also available in other branches and I hope they are because Anta is pretty aggressive lately in terms of opening more stores since last year. So if you are here in the Philippines and would like to check out their stores you can check out their facebook page and who knows, you might cop your next shoe there. 


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