Secret Fresh X World Balance I-Sperm Christmas Pack


Christmas is just around the corner. With all the things that happen in the world due to the pandemic, we are starting to pick our bearings once again and try to inject more normalcy in our lives. With that said, economy is starting to roll out and this is the perfect time (season) to do it. Once again, World Balance and Secret Fresh is bringing some hot kicks to keep your feet warm and fresh for Christmas. Not only that, but they added some apparel as well such as hoodies, shirts, and pants.

For the kicks, the I-Sperm is back with 3 more colors. We have green, black, and pink shades and if you had the chance to collect the previous colorways, you can add these to your collection as well because they are affordable (tagged at Php 2,299). Canvas still takes the majority of the upper with leather material on the Sperm Heart logo. Underneath is a Bounce Pad Insole System with extra EVA foam wedge on the heel that acts as a crash pad. The outsole is pretty much the same as the previous releases. These are limited release so be sure head to your nearest World Balance stores or online as well as at Secret Fresh Gallery to secure your pairs.


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