kixspotted: adidas Trae Young 1


I've spotted Trae Young's first official signature shoe with adidas so I took some photos to share with you guys. The adidas Trae Young 1 sports a low-cut profile having textile material primarily used on the upper with suede panels used as well. The first thing that caught my attention was how low-top looking it was and it used 2 "eyelets" in the lacing system. Fit would play an important factor here so in case you are interested in copping a pair, I suggest that you try them in store just to make sure you won't have a poor-fitting shoe. I tried a size 9 in store and I think it would fit me just nicely in case I decided to get a pair for myself. It feels low to the ground with enough cushion just by walking around, thanks to the Lightstrike cushion and Boost foam in the heel area. I can feel the Boost at the heel so that's a plus. I haven't tried this kind of setup in terms of playing basketball in them so this really intrigues me a lot. The midsole feels responsive although I really have no idea how it would play out when used in basketball. Underneath is a rubber outsole having herringbone traction pattern up front and some circular pattern at the back. You can also see an exposed Boost foam underneath and at the sides to allow it to expand especially for hard landings. For colorways, there are 4 colors now at the store. Two of them are all about ICEE drinks/shakes (blue and pink shades) and the other two having a So So Def Recording Studios theme colorway, which is based in Atlanta. If I would get a pair, I'm really torn between that ICEE blue colorway or the So So Def (red/yellow/black) one. Both of them really looks good to me. How bout you guys, which color do you prefer? Check out the images below if you want to take a closer look. I've spotted them at the adidas store in Trinoma and retails for Php 6,500. I'm pretty sure they are now available in other adidas stores as well so be sure to contact their Facebook page in case you want to know if the adidas store near you have them already.


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