Best Foot Forward: adidas TMac 2 Restomod


We're back again with another Best Foot Forward/review from adidas. This one is the adidas TMac 2 Restomod. You can watch the video or read through the blog post down below.


Just a quick backstory. I got this shoe from my nephew who is doing some side hustle to keep up with the pandemic. He sells legit/authentic stuff like watches, bags, and of course, shoes at a lower price when compared to malls. So to show support, I decided to purchase a shoe which is this one, the adidas TMac2 Restomod.

For the TMac2 Restomod, adidas used the concept of Restomod which is used in classic cars which have been "restored" and "modified". Basically, the whole look of the car from the outside looks the same but what differs is the engine or the inside being modified. Translating it to this shoe, it will have almost the same look as the TMac 2 OG, but with a modified tech specs. In this case, the midsole was changed into Bounce midsole (formerly adiprene). I love the Bounce cushion from adidas because personally, I find it very versatile as it offers a good amount of impact protection and responsiveness.

Like I said, from the outside, it will be pretty much the same. Depending on the colorway, you will either get a patent finish (blue and red colorway) or a leather finish (white and black colorway). It is still built like a tank because of the materials and of course this was released in a shoe era where brands utilize a double-stack midsole build. Meaning, the midsole is practically inside the upper which would give you a more snug or 1-to-1 fit. The shoe is not light to be honest and it is really bulky especially in today's standards. But still, I wouldn't hesitate to play in these if there's no pandemic. Maybe not in a back-to-back game, but I'm pretty sure I would enjoy playing in these. 

If you are from the Philippines and would like to check out his items, you can click this <LINK>.  In the meantime, here are some images that you can check out.



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