Coverse Crater Knit


Converse continues its campaign for sustainability with the use of recycled materials. They already did this a few years ago with the Converse Renew program. Now, they are back with their Crater Knit line. Basically, it uses recycled materials to form the knit upper as well as the rubber outsole. Upon touch, you can't really tell that the knit upper came from a recycled material. It is still soft and still feels premium. The outsole I would say gives an obvious "recycled" look because of the rugged form and speckled colors that can be seen all throughout. Aside from the knit upper, they were also able to use recycled polyester to make a somewhat canvas-looking upper. Even the insole is made from recycled Ortholite foam which makes the campaign even more impressive. It is lightweight, stylish, and have a very modern look because on the upper material makeup.

For price, the knit upper version retails for Php 5,190 and the "canvas" upper version is tagged at Php 4,590 which I would say is pretty okay because of how they were able to construct a good and comfortable shoe and at the same time, help the environment by recycling these materials. You can grab them now at various Converse stores particularly at Converse Trinoma where I took these images.


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