World Balance Invictus "Monochrome"


After the success of the Invictus B69 which was a collab shoe between World Balance and Secret Fresh (DJ Bigboy Cheng), fans of the silhouette are eager to know what's next for their favorite shoe from WB. The B69 sold out fast in both Secret Fresh stores and World Balance webstore because of its mixture of colors as well as utilizing different materials one the shoe's upper. Now, it's time for team "monochrome" to take the lead this time around. For this particular monochrome pack, 4 colors were chosen which are black, red, neon green, and beige. All these colors pack a punch when it comes to aesthetics. The black for me is the most easy colorway to rock especially for those who are going to wear this shoe frequently. The all-black would definitely hide the scuffs and dirt present on the shoe as time goes by. The all-red is perfect for those who want to celebrate Chinese new year and Valentines for a long (just kidding). But the all-red and the neon green will be the most sought after just because of its loudness. In fact, my eyes were fixated on these two colors when I first initially saw this poster from World Balance. Lastly, the beige colorway is very ideal if you want to rock the Invictus silhouette and just be subtle. Being a low-key sneakerhead is cool from time to time, right? You just rock the Invictus because of its comfort (the best attribute of the shoe in my opinion), and just like the black colorway, it is very easy to pair with some jeans or even shorts.

Pre-order for the World Balance Invictus "Monochrome" pack starts tomorrow, February 19-23, 2021 and the shoe's release date will be on February 24. What are you waiting for? I made this blog post a day earlier so you guys will be on the loop and mark your calendars or set an alarm tomorrow and head out to their <WEBSITE> for the pre-ordering process.

Image via: World Balance 


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