#kixspotted Converse CX


Converse has always been known for that classic but rugged sneaker look. The good thing is that they don't stagnate to the point of being boring. If fact, the classic silhouettes of Converse have always been a staple for a lot of us just because it is functional, sturdy, and easy to pair with almost whatever clothes you wear. So seeing this latest look of their classic All-Star and Chuck 70 called the Converse CX have some changes done without making it look like a new shoe. If fact, I think it just gave Converse another dimension as it cope up with the latest trend. The upper materials used were made from either a stretch canvas or a ripstop-like material. There are sometimes fuse panels placed on some silhouettes which have a bright color for some contrast or pop especially when looking it from afar. Also, some models have a transparent midsole where you can see their CX foam which is more comfortable that their usual classic models. I really like the design on these and even throw some Off-White vibes because of the pull-tabs but it doesn't ride the Off-White popularity as it stand on its own designwise. It just throws that vibe to me which is nice. Another nice thing is the price that doesn't burn your pockets, the price range is just on the category of their usual All-Star and Chuck 70s so it is a good choice if you are looking for a different look on these classic Converse models. Here are more pictures of the shoe which I took at the Converse store in Trinoma. Actually, I am kinda tempted to cop a pair... we'll see. 


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