#kixspotted KT5 at Landmark (Trinoma)


Happy New Year everyone! I'm back with some #kixspotted from the Anta store in Landmark Trinoma. The KT 5 is one of those kicks from Anta that did not gain enough traction because Klay Thompson, the man behind the signature shoe did not play due to injury. But nonetheless, the shoe still looks solid in terms of performance. The outsole is a derivative from the previous 2 models (KT 3 and KT 4). Having the chance to play on the KT3, it does perform good especially on well maintained courts. The rubber is thick enough for outdoor hooping which is always a plus especially here in the Philippines where most courts are outdoors. The A-Flash Foam is Anta's go-to cushion for their top-tier models and there are a lot of positive feedbacks when it comes to its cushioning giving a nice balance of impact protection and stability. With Klay's style of play, his shoe should not be too mushy because he need that stability or firmness to be able to square off for a shot after whether coming of a screen or quick pull up. As for the materials, depending on the colorway, you will get either a knit material or even a full on textile and I think this would all goes down to preference. But it is textile so you can be sure that it is soft and there are lots of colorways that are either conservative in terms of color blocking or themed with a lot of story-telling designs printed on the upper. There are 2 kinds of KT 5 highs, one with a shroud and one without. Honestly, I think the one without the shroud is the one that I would prefer if I were to get a pair because the shroud I think is just there just for aesthetics mainly. It will hide the shoe laces, for sure but since the lacing system have that extra piece on top that would help you tighten or secure the fit of the shoe, so the length of the laces would not be dangling especially when you really tied them up real tight. Also, the one with the shroud cost a bit more than the one without the shroud so it's all up to you.

Anyway, here are some of the colorways of the KT 5 that I've spotted at Landmark in Trinoma. For me, I like the one with black upper with rose gold midsole tooling (without shroud). How about you guys, what colorway do you prefer? Feel free to share your thoughts below.   


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