Best Foot Forward: World Balance Nexus


For today's Best Foot Forward, we will be talking about World Balance's latest athleisure kicks, the World Balance Nexus. So, without further ado, let's go ahead and check out the shoe.

First, let's discuss the upper, particularly the shoe's color. If you know me, you know that I am more of a darker colorway sneaker guy. I think it's because that I know myself very well that white shoes will take a beating since I rock my kicks with no extra care, doesn't matter if they are new, or white. I wear them normally and not being conscious about getting stepped on, or dirt from the pavement. Now, the question is do I like color? The answer is yes. In fact, I would say that while there are 3 colors of the shoe available, (grey, black, and white) the white colorway packs the most punch combined with its build and materials. It has a minimalist build and the upper material is made from knit with different textures. Having a one-piece upper is a good choice especially if you are going to go with a minimalist look, and while it could be bland sometimes, what designers do is they modify the look by making different patterns. Kudos to the designers of the shoe for making it appealing and still maintaining that minimalist look with the one-piece upper construction. You can see the toe area having more structure but still stretchy and the side panels having some "air vents" or holes for air to flow easily just like a mesh would do. The ankle collar area offers a sock-like feel and stretchy enough to wear it easily. Actually, I think this could be the shoe that you would wear when you go to the gym for a workout. Not your workout shoe specifically, but the shoe you wear going to the gym and wear it after the workout.

The cushion is made from EVA and while I prefer more cushion in general, the EVA foam blend that they used here is light and my knees and legs didn't complain after a half a day of wearing them. I was able to do my errands, made a quick run at the grocery, eat out and stroll a bit without my legs complaining for lack of cushion. That combination of light EVA foam and World Balance's Bounce Pad Insole System is the reason why I said earlier that this could be a good shoe to wear when going to the gym or do your errands because it is comfortable. I am planning to wear this again when I have a full day ahead of me which consists of walking and standing for long hours just to test the longevity of its cushion and I hope it will do well. Finally, the outsole is made up of rubber with some herringbone and aggressive patterns. Again, I don't think this is intended to be a performance shoe but of course, having good durable shoe is still a plus especially if you intend to wear them often.

The shoe retails for Php 1,999 which you can get now at various World Balance stores and retail partners. You can check out more photos down below in case you are still contemplating to cop a pair. But considering that the comfort it brings and with that price point, this is a good buy if you ask me.


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