New Balance The Kawhi "Jolly Rancher"


In just a few days, the New Balance The Kawhi "Jolly Rancher" will drop (December 19, 2020). The New Balance Kawhi will be Kawhi Leonard's official signature shoe under his name although the OMN1S was the first shoe from New Balance that the "Klaw" wore. This playful colorway will be a good choice to rock both on and off court due to its versatile looks. The silhouette itself isn't too bulky with just enough pieces to give the shoe performance attributes without being too overkill. And of course, you can see that the mixture of colors inspired by kiddie candies would really be noticeable even from afar. If you are here in the Philippines, you can have a chance to grab a pair of the Kawhi in the "Jolly Rancher" colorway along with some apparel as part of the collection. I have posted here the mechanics on where, when, as well as some important things to know about the purchasing procedure. These things are posted on New Balance Facebook page so be sure to check it out or message them if you have other questions in mind.


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