BEST FOOT FORWARD: World Balance X Secret Fresh "Santa Cloth"


Here is a Best Foot Forward/unboxing/review on the World Balance X Secret Fresh Christmas collab, the I-Sperm "Santa Cloth". You may watch the video below or read the post if you want to know more.


So just from the box alone, you will see that it is a brand collab shoe because the logos of both World Balance and Secret Fresh are printed on the box. Opening it, you will be greeted by that special paper and of course, the shoe.

From the color blocking alone, you can feel that this limited release is intended for Christmas. I really like how they used the deep red shade on the toe box and velcro strap area. It complements with the lighter shade of red, green, and yellow (mustard) accents perfectly. Also, the name that they used to call this colorway, "Santa Cloth" might be referring to the material used on the build which is canvas. Another thing worth noting is the special Sperm Heart logo hang tag which indicates that the shoe is part of a collab.

The silhouette of the shoe was taken from the first shoe collab of World Balance and Secret Fresh, the I-Sperm. so you will see pretty much the same material build (suede, canvas, and leather used on the toe box, velcro straps, heel, midfoot section, and Sperm Heart logo. For the midsole, it is made up of  vulcanized rubber giving it a rugged look. Underneath, the outsole is made up of solid rubber with herringbone traction pattern. You don't need any flash traction pattern that would give multi-directional coverage. This is a lifestyle shoe so it would be too excessive if you put those things here. However, they still give emphasis on the comfort department by adding what I personally call the Bounce Pad+ which is a Bounce Pad Insole System with an extra foam wedge on the heel part of the insole. It combines impact protection and step-in comfort which I really love. I am a person who favors cushioning so I want to wear a  well-cushioned shoe even just doing errands and I must say that after wearing this shoe for a whole day of errands, my feet and legs are still fine.

The shoe dropped in limited quantities at the Secret Fresh Gallery in San Juan (100 pairs) and at World Balance webstore (200 pairs) retailing for P2,299. Overall, I can say that this might be a good way of ending the year. Big ups to both brands (World Balance and Secret Fresh/Bigboy Cheng), as they were able to give a sense of normalcy to us sneaker enthusiast/sneakerheads even in this trying times. I wish more collabs next year so be sure to always check their social media pages or here at for more sneaker news.

--Thank you to World Balance for sending this pair our way. More power.


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