World Balance X Secret Fresh "More Good Less Evil"


We were surprised when DJ Bigboy Cheng posted the I-Sperm Climax last July. Now, "Sanchupapa" just made a major announcement in his Facebook page and I would consider this drop another bomb of greatness in the sneaker community. This shoe which we will dub the "More Good Less Evil" shares the design elements from the I-Sperm, which is the first collab shoe between DJ Bigboy Cheng/Secret Fresh and World Balance. Man, this shoe looks gorgeous. I must admit, in my mind, purple color blocking is one of those colors that you would rarely use on a shoe but this... this changed my point of view. There are 2 shades of purple used here and seeing it in photos, it's a good choice that the darker one was used on the toe, heel, and velcro strap area. The lighter shade of purple or lavender is on the body of the shoe itself where you can see the Heart Sperm logo decked in black. There is also that purple lining on the vulcanized white midsole. The most important design element in the shoe in my opinion is the words written on the sole in bold letters "MORE GOOD LESS EVIL". For me, that design element alone, puts the shoe on a whole another level in the lifestyle kicks category. Yeah, for some it might be just words but I think it adds another character to the shoe giving it more "angas" points in my opinion. Also, in this day and age where it is easy to criticize or even ridicule other people, maybe it's time for some reflection to do good and make this world a bit better to live in. And speaking of taking things a notch higher, I would assume that inside the shoe we will find a Bounce Pad Insole System with the added foam wedge which I will just call Bounce Pad+ (because it's an upgrade) which we first saw on the I-Sperm Climax. 

In the realm of sneaker collection, we might consider these pairs as part of friends and family release. They are super limited release amounting to 300 pairs only which you can only get on Secret Fresh Gallery and at the World Balance website. The shoe drops on November 26, at the Secret Fresh Gallery in San Juan and November 27 at the World Balance website retailing for Php 2,299. This is only a few days away so this might be your only chance to cop a pair since they are very limited. May the odds be in our favor. ;)

Via: DJ Bigboy Cheng

Image credit: World Balance


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