BEST FOOT FORWARD: World Balance X Secret Fresh "More Good Less Evil"


Here is the Best Foot Forward/review of World Balance's latest collab with Secret Fresh (Bigboy Cheng), the "More Good Less Evil" shoe. You can watch the vid below or read through the whole article down below.

Once you open the box, you will be greeted by the same special paper packaging of World Balance and Secret Fresh collab. This has been a staple for their collab kicks and for me, once I see them, I know it's gonna be great. True enough, you can also see the heart sperm tag which says limited edition on one side and the collab branding on the other. The shoe really looks vibrant and just like what I said in my earlier blog posts, I like how they use 2 shades of purple for this one. The silhouette and design of the shoe is very familiar because it is almost the same as their first shoe collar, the I-Sperm. It is a lowtop shoe with 3 velcro straps. There are 3 materials used in the shoe's upper: suede, canvas, and leather. The suede and canvas gives the shoe a rugged look with the leather material used on the heart sperm logo on the side. While canvas and suede makes it rugged, that purple shade takes things up a notch. 

Speaking of taking things up a notch, the most noticeable design feature is the inscription that says, "MORE GOOD LESS EVIL". These words are true especially in this age where there's a lot of negativity. It could be a reminder to us to be more sensitive to other people's feelings and do our part in making this world a better place to live in. Actually, if you are watching Bigboy's vlogs on YouTube, he emphasizes to try to help people in need especially during this trying times. Going back to the shoe, they used Bounce Pad Insole System with an extra foam wedge underneath for another barrier of impact protection. We all know that the Bounce Pad Insole System adds good amount of comfort and this foam wedge which is firmer helps break that force when you walk. Finally, a clear white outsole was used which makes the lower part of the shoe simple. I like this move personally because adding too much design might be overkill considering its color and the main design or highlight of the shoe which is the words written on the lateral side of the sole.

This release is very limited amounting to 300 pairs only. I thought the Climax and B69 were limited (1000 pairs for each silhouette if I remember correctly), but this really brought the hype up and you have to give credit to them since they were able to release a very limited amount of kicks without killing the price. The shoe retails for Php 2,299 and were made only available at Secret Fresh Gallery and at the World Balance webstore.     


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