New Balance 574 "Inspire The Dream"


To be honest, I really wasn't expecting this shoe collection to be part of New Balance's sale. So when I saw them on the sale rack with a sale tag on it, I really copped the thing without having second thoughts. Some would say it is a classic silhouette or that specific model is always available in store. While it may be true, but the fact that it is part of a collection, so there is some exclusivity to it.

So this one is the New Balance 574 "Inspire The Dream" collection. There are other NB silhouettes used in this collection and they have some apparel as well. The whole collection was inspired by Kawhi's journey on his NBA career. The most obvious design element is the text written on the heel area that says "Inspire The Dream". As for the shoe itself, the 574 still has that classic 80's running shoe. Minimalist in terms of build but the materials is what stands out. It is made from suede which is really premium looking and since it is leather, it is more durable and very classic look when you are comparing it to a shoe that is made from knits or synthetic TPU materials. And believe me, sometimes it is nice to break away from the usual materials being used currently and go for the more classic type of materials. Techwise, there isn't much but this is how running shoes were made back then. They have an EVA foam with NB's Encap foam which is used as a wedge found on the midfoot area going to the heel. The biggest win here is the price tagged at Php 3,497. According to the New Balance store in Trinoma, the sale will go on until they have stocks so you might want to drop by their store to check out their kicks. Here are some images as well as some of the silhouettes that are part of the collection.



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