Converse X Scooby Doo


I have to admit, the downside of this pandemic is not being able to go to the malls and check out the latest shoe drops. Although I can will myself to go to the mall often, these are the times where you have to be a bit cautious and think things through. So when I was able to visit the mall, I saw these collaboration between Converse and Scooby Doo. This collaboration had been here for quite some time but in case you are on the search for these, you can drop by at the Converse boutique in Trinoma. They utilized the Chuck 70 and the Converse All-Star, having some good designs featuring Scooby, Shaggy, Fred, Velma, Daphne, and their van, the Mystery Machine. Converse really did a good job with the designs because it really gives you that collaboration, even designing the inner lining with Scooby elements like the spooky eyes, character faces, and even added some lacing jewel on the Converse All-Star. Check out the images below to appreciate these designs. As for price, the Chuck 70 variants retails for Php 4,990 and Php 5,390 for the black and teal design respectively, while the All-Star variant is tagged at Php 3,590.   


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