adidas D.O.N. Issue #2 available now at Intersport


Donoval Mitchell's second signature sneaker, D.O.N. Issue #2 is now available in the Philippines. The D.O.N. signature line is one of those signature kicks from adidas who are in the mid-tier price range so it is really a good thing that adidas is keeping their signature athletes spread out in different price tiers so consumers who are looking for some signature kicks can cop a pair without spending too much.

With regards to the shoe itself, adidas isn't cutting corners as it offers good tech. For the main inspiration, this particular colorway is called "Spidey Sense" which takes some design theme from Spiderman. Although the color doesn't represent the Web Crawler too much, the neon green on the color blocking somewhat represents that radioactive feel. The zigzag design pattern on the sides has that reflective effect when a flash hits on it. It pops especially at dark which resembles the Spidey Sense of Spiderman when it is drawn in the comics or even in animations.

For tech specs, mesh upper which is lightweight and a good choice if you like a light shoe. Bouce foam takes care of cushioning and if you don't know yet this is a very versatile foam offering a balanced impact protection and court feel. Overall, I dig this silhouette more than the D.O.N. Issue #1. This shoe is more appealing to me because I feel like the first shoe is more lower to the ground and I personally want a bit more height (if that makes sense). If you want to cop a pair, get them now at Intersport at Vertis North for Php 5,500 and comes in size 8-12.

Via: Intersport Vertis


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