Nike Lebron 18

LeBron James is on his 18th signature sneaker. Damn, can you imagine that? I grew up in the 90's so I was on my college year when I saw LeBron entered the league. So half of his life is basically on the NBA platform and I pretty sure he will be surely a first ballot HOFer once his career is over. Now going back to his shoe, Nike just released on their website a news article regarding the LeBron 18. It looks like the combination of Air Max and Zoom Air will be in effect but in a different way.  Here is a quote on the article:

The 18 comes with a new cushioning arrangement: An Air Max unit in the heel is augmented by a full-length Zoom Air Bag. The two are integrated with one another, the Zoom Air Bag extending into the heel cavity and replacing what was previously foam—the first such cushioning arrangement in Nike Basketball. The shoe is visually divided into two "halves" with details connoting speed in the forefoot and muscle in the heel.
So there. I am not sure how it will look like. Will it look like some sort of a double-stacked foam with the Zoom Air cover full-length and the Air Max on the heel area? It could also be a single full-length with just a chamber to separate the Zoom Air from the Air Max. I really have no idea, but I am really intrigued.  For the upper, it looks like another form of knit material will be used. I think it will be fine as long as it is durable enough for both indoor and outdoor use. Also they are planning on using some non-pressurized air pockets on the tongue area to replace the foam material there. Will it have a big impact? I am not sure but it could be a nice introduction if it has some noticeable benefits. Anyway, they don't have any actual photos yet, just the sketch that you are seeing above. If you want to read the whole article just click <HERE>. The shoe is stated to release this September 2020.


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