#kixspotted World Balance Kaia City Pack

Here is an in-store footage of the World Balance City Pack Collection. Watch the video below or read the article to know more.

It looks like the Kaia is one of those silhouettes from Balance that will used in their various collections (together with the Invictus for the men). For the City Pack, the Kaia and Invictus will have 3 colorways each which will represent the different cities. For now, let's talk about the Kaia.

The cities that were selected are Madrid, Miami, and Sydney, all of them having different takes in terms of color schemes. The Madrid for example, was inspired by their boulevards and walkways uses a red color scheme predominantly which gives off that festive vibe. There's some black and grey hits for contrast. In my opinion this is the most easiest colorway to match up with your getup because of the simplicity of color blocking. 

For Miami, a very colorful mixture of white, purple, yellow, black, teal and grey. It really reminds you of the Miami beach and their nightlife. It might be playful in terms of colors but honestly I don't find it too loud. For me, this might be the best colorway among the three.

Finally, the Sydney colorway takes its design cues from their beaches and honestly this is the most relaxed or calm colorway in my opinion. A combination of beige, salmon, teal, navy blue, and grey, this is a good pick-up if you are looking for a shoe that isn't too flashy but could still attract some attention.

Material makeup is pretty much the same so you will get a mesh upper material coupled with synthetic leather and suede. Cushioning is made up of EVA foam and Bounce Pad Insole System. You can get these now at various World Balance stores and select retail partners with a retail price of Php 2,099.


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