#kixspotted adidas Harden Stepback

This is an in-store footage on the adidas Harden Stepback which I spotted in Capital Trinoma. Find out more by watching the video or reading the article below.

This shoe is basically a budget model. Just like the Harden BE, these are not to be taken lightly because even though this is not the main signature model, adidas still made the shoe good by giving it good tech particularly Bounce foam cushioning which is a versatile foam. The upper is made up of leather and it is worth noting that panels or layering of materials are back once again since I'm starting to feel bored on one-piece textile material. Textile materials are good, but at least switch it up a bit, right? Don't make it straight up knit or woven material. So with this shoe, leather, although synthetic was used. Of course, the price is on the low so it is understandable that they didn't use premium leather.

You can see the lacing area having that piece of leather material which is similar to the Vol 4. While it does not provide a customized fit, it gives you some sturdiness particularly when you tighten the shoelaces. This together with the TPU heel counter is a good combo since we all know Harden's move sets which involves Eurosteps and a lot of "Stepbacks". You have to have good foot containment or else these moves will be not that effective.

Just as I said earlier, Bounce foam was used for cushioning and it is worth noting that the midsole tooling is kinda thin, which means you will get some good amount of court feel. I just hope that impact protection won't be compromised. The outsole is made from solid rubber with traction patters being herringbone on the forefoot area and a similar pattern as the Harden Vol 4 on the heel. It looks okay, the rubber is kinda hard so you can ball in these outdoors. Four colorways are available now at the Capital store in Trinoma with a retail price of Php 4,700.


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