Nike PG 4 available locally

Paul George's fourth signatur shoe a.k.a. the Nike PG4 is now available locally and it is sparking my interest just because it looks nice (kinda remind me of the Nike Adapt BB) and the price is also very tempting just below the 6k mark. The only thing that I didn't like is the outsole. I just hope it was solid rubber all throughout because I am not feeling the traction pattern. As for the blue outsole, maybe they will have some colorways that have full solid rubber. But aside from those, I'm cool with the design. That zipper/shroud action looks good even though it is open mesh, I'm good. As for cushion tech, word is they have Nike Air strobel. So imagine it's like KD recent shoe model, but instead of Zoom Air this one is Nike Air. While I haven't experienced playing in those cushion setups, that is a brilliant move by Nike by putting their tech as close to your foot as possible.

These are available now at Nike Forum in Robinsons Magnolia for Php 5,795.

Via: Nike Forum


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