#kixspotted adidas Pro Model Bounce 2019

Here are some in-store images of the adidas Pro Model Bounce 2019. Seeing these in person really sent me circa late 90's early 2000s. I mean just from a quick glance, the silhouette, the upper material... that shiny finish, I'm pretty sure older sneakerheads know what I am talking about. The good thing is that in terms of aesthetics, nothing much has changed dramatically so to speak. But the good thing is that they revised the cushioning tech. Back then, it was adiprene and now they are using Bounce foam which is very versatile who needs some balance between court feel and impact protection. Aside from that, I think nothing has changed so you will get that familiar shell toecap piece up front, there is also a torsion plate in the midfoot which is made from TPU for some rigidity. I think there are more colors that are available now, but here in adidas Trinoma the black colorway is the only thing that I've spotted which retails for Php 5,500 which is not bad for an improved retro model.


  1. wow this is the news that i've been waiting. thanks for the heads-up. i'll visit the adidas store in festival mall after office and check if they have the white colorway. thanks man!


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