Peak Underground X TaiChi get them at InSoles

If you are here in the Philippines and is already itching to snag a pair of Peak Underground X TaiChi, then this post is for you. In Soles, an online store based here in the Philippines could help you in scoring a pair. I have made multiple transactions with them in the past and all of them are hassle free. They specialize in Chinese kicks like Peak, Anta, Li-Ning, 361 Degrees that are hard to find or not readily available in malls. It's an early Christmas treat for us in my opinion and according to their Facebook page, the shoe will cost for Php 6,000 which is a good deal considering that it would be hassle-free based on my previous experience with them. I think this is the first basketball shoe from Peak that featured their TaiChi cushion which was first introduced in their running/lifestyle shoe. This is a limited offer guys, so I suggest you check out their FB page <HERE> if you want to get your hands on Lou Williams' latest shoe with Peak Basketball.   


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