Performance Review: adidas Pro Bounce Madness 2019

Hi guys! I'm back with another performance and this time, it's on the adidas Pro Bounce Madness 2019. You can watch the video I made down below or if you want the written review, then just scroll down. This is not to be confused with the Pro Bounce 2019. This one has the word "Madness" on it's model name. However, I feel that they would play sort of the same (maybe with some minor difference). So here it is, my performance review on the adidas Pro Bounce Madness 2019.


You really can't go wrong with a good mesh upper. Plain? Yeah, but it get's the job done. 

This panel right here is the reason why I pick this over the Dame 5. I just don't like this suede-like material.

The shoe features straight up mesh material and while it does look plain, you really can't complain because you have a somewhat grasp on how it would feel. It isn't uber breathable compared to open-cell mesh material because for this specific shoe model, there's another layer of material underneath so it somewhat inhibits the airflow. For break-in time, I find this good from the get-go. No break-in time for the upper material so you don't have to worry about having a stiff upper here in my opinion.

Another reason why I chose to buy this instead of the Dame 5 with just P200 difference is that the Dame 5 (most of the colorways) features suede-like looking material that I am not fond of. That specific material is also present here which you can see on the medial side where the adidas logo is located. I just don't feel that material so even though this has a plain-looking material, it's fine by me since I have an idea that this would feel fine. 


I must admit there are a lot of times that I contemplated to buy a shoe from adidas that features Bounce foam but since I was swamped with a lot of shoe to review, it took me a long time to try it. So, what can I say about Bounce foam? It's great, it's versatile. It offers court feel with great impact protection for my size. I mean, I am not a big dude, I am 5'6" and weigh 150 pounds. I play point guard most of the time, sometimes 2-guard or even small forward depends on who I play with and for my style of play, this shoe satisfy my needs in terms of cushioning. The low-to-the-ground feel would be beneficial for players who favor responsiveness. But if you are the type of player who would want a lot of impact protection, then maybe the Boost might be your choice. This cushioning is versatile that's why they used this in team models such as this. Also, they are using this in their mid-tier models with the Boost and Lightstrike on the top-tier models.


There are colorways that features solid rubber and I think there's a colorway that has a gum outsole. For this specific colorway, it has a translucent rubber outsole. While translucent rubber outsoles most of the time are iffy since it tends to attract dust/debris more, I find this one okay. While there are times that you find yourself wiping the outsole, it's not that often to the point that it's becoming bothersome and you don't enjoy them. So in a moderately-clean court, it's okay. It features a herringbone traction pattern with a section in the lateral part of the outsole having the peak of the herringbone facing sideways giving the shoe a multi-directional coverage. This style or arrangement of herringbone was also used in the Marquee Boost and even on the Dame 5 so I guess it's safe to say that it is good.


This is a size 9 and it feels it is a bit longer in length. However, it isn't too big of a problem since my feet weren't popping out of the shoe nor I experience my feet sliding or shifting inside the shoe that may cause instability or ankle rolling. Using a thick pair of socks should be a quick work-around with this. I normally use thick socks anyway so no extra effort on my part personally. I think I'll be fine with size 8.5, but since I normally wear size 9 so that's what I chose. Also, I chose to buy the hightop version because I wasn't a fan of that sculpting in the ankle collar area in the lows. I just feel it kinda exaggerated. And I also prefer hightop or mids in general the padding on the collar on these were nice. Actually, even the lowtop version is padded nicely so it's up to you guys if you want the lowtop or the hightop.

It has a wide base particularly in the forefoot which promotes stability and helpful for shooters who need to square up for their shot. On the lateral side, you will find a TPU piece to contain your feet especially in situations where the upper might give-in the force that you have exerted (since it is textile and generally softer compared to a stiffer material). So that will adds as another layer of protection or foot containment particularly during lateral movements. I suggest that you try them on in stores just to be sure.


The lowtop retails for Php 5,500 while this hightop version retails for Php 5,800. So 300-peso difference, you decide whether you want to stick to your budget or spend a bit more for the hightop one. Whatever your decision might is, you will still get a solid shoe from adidas that is within their mid-tier price range. Of course, you can't price a team shoe that high because this is basically catered towards multiple player positions who needs a versatile shoe. For this specific shoe, I bought this at Intersports Store in Vertis North. I am pretty sure this is also available in other stores and who knows, you might find this in sale racks so you might even get a sweeter deal especially that we are already in the "-ber" months (Christmas sale season here in the Philippines hahaha).


To sum it up, I really enjoyed playing in the adidas Pro Bounce Madness 2019. Sure, the design isn't that flashy and in fact I find too plain especially because of that mesh material. But it is a solid performer and for me, function weighs more than looks so I really can't complain. Bounce foam is versatile and is ideal for multiple player positions if you don't really need to much cushioning or impact protection. The impact protection it gives is so versatile that's why it is used in their running shoes and lifestyle kicks as well. If you are looking a shoe from adidas that is in the mid-tier range, chances are it will feature a Bounce cushioning. That's how widely it is used. The Pro Bounce 2019 would likely perform almost identical as this with just a slight difference (I think) so I guess it's up to you which team model do you prefer.


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