#kixspotted adidas Pro Bounce 2019

The Pro Bounce line continues with the adidas Pro Bounce 2019. This is more or less a team shoe so expect them to come in different colorways. It is made up of an open mesh material and while the sieves/perforations are large, there is an underlay underneath it for added barrier or protection for your feet since the upper is relatively soft. You can also see some fuse panels in the lacing area to prevent them from ripping. The cushion is made from Bounce foam and you can see the midsole tooling being also used as a midfoot lateral cage. This was seen in the Dame 5 and adidas Pro Bounce Madness 2019 (performance review soon), but this time it is made from the foam tooling. Don't worry, they added some TPU pieces which also serves as the 3 stripes branding for more structure and rigidity as well as a heel clip at the back. The outsole is made from solid rubber and feels thick enough so you can use them outdoors as well. It is not as wide as the Pro Bounce Madness, and in fact looks like a derivative of the feet-you-wear outsole from adidas used back then. Herringbone pattern was used so it will more or less provide optimum court grip. 

There's a hightop and a lowtop version which retails for Php 5,800 and Php 5,500 respectively. You can get them now at the Capital store in Trinoma. You can check out the in-store footage and detailed image down below.


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