adidas Dame 6

While there isn't any official announcement from adidas, it looks like the Dame 6 news that spread the net is real and in fact, Dame himself wore it already. It looks like layers or paneling are starting to return with this and the rumored Harden Vol 4. The overall look of the silhouette looks good and I wonder what other colorways are going to drop. Also, it looks like the Bounce foam will be used on some of the team models with their signature lines will have LightStrike. I haven't tried that cushioning yet so let's see how that will work. I am also wondering if there will be some price increase with the Dame 6, I hope not. Well, using the same outsole tooling across different models could also lower the costing. But nonetheless, let's see in the coming days what are the official tech specs of the Dame shoe once adidas officially unveils the shoe.



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