#kixspotted Reebok Answer V

The Reebok Answer V is now available in the Philippines and I was able to get some in-store footage of the shoe when I visited the Reebok store in Vertis North.

Just like the OG version, leather build was used with different textures. Tumbled leather can be seen for the most part with the smooth leather on top of the midfoot area and some patent-like leather on the toe guard as well as on the heel area. It really looks premium in my opinion as the leather is thick just like back in the day. There are various Iverson brandings on the shoe like his iconing I3 logo and his signature. Another thing worth noting is that the insole has Iverson's picture on it just like the OGs.

For cushioning, Reebok somewhat modified it and calling them now as DMX flow. It still has the same concept which is an air-transfer system with 2 chambers found in the forefoot and heel area. During movements, the air inside it moves back and forth the forefoot and heel to give you a fluidic transition and providing impact protection. It still kinda feel like the original version although from what can I remember, the OGs were more softer. But I am really sure since it was really a long time since the shoe's original release.

Also, as far as I can remember, the outsole back then do not have a full-length rubber. Just some section in the forefoot and heel and the middle. This time around, Reebok made the shoe more durable underneath by giving it a full-length rubber.

The shoe is available now at Reebok Vertis North for Php 10,595 which I really think is expensive especially when you compare it with the US price of $140. It has the same price range as the Iverson Legacy shoe so maybe the people who handles Reebok here in the Philippines is keeping it in line with their price point. However, those who love Iverson would likely cop this especially considering that they don't retro this silhouette often. I am not sure which other Reebok branches here in the Philippines have them but I was able to find these at their Vertis North branch. You can check out the video and images below and feel free to comment down below if you plan on copping the shoe especially those who love AI.


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