adidas Crazy BYW X 2.0

We'll be seeing more of the BYW X and in my opinion, this 2.0 version looks nicer. Still having that bulky look, the paneling is still present although the materials have a thinner build as evidenced by that see-through like material. However, I think it would still be sturdy since the trend nowadays would be having some panels to give a certain silhouette more character, but still looking modern. For cushioning, Boost foam can still be seen in the medial side. I am not sure if it will still be that comfy or soft since you can see that the lateral part of the midsole shows no sign of exposed Boost foam. Also, we don't know how much Boost encompass the midsole area. In terms of colorway, that neon look really stands out with just enough blue hits. Who knows we might see more subtle color scheme in the future or maybe more loud colorways so we will just have to wait. These are scheduled to release overseas on August 29 with no specific US release date as of the moment.



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