Peak TP 7

Here are some detailed images of the Peak TP 7. We don't really know how long will the TP line continue but the good thing about each of his signature shoe is that we get to see different cushion setups and the upper material is always on par with the trend during the time of its release. This year's TP will be a split between leather and textile. Of course, there will be different colorways during its run and in my opinion a Spurs colorway should still be made. The heel/ankle part has a TPU cage to promote stability and we've already seen this similar look with last years' model. We really can't tell exactly what will be the cushioning based on these images, but I am assuming it will be a multi-density foam (Gradient Dual) based on different zone areas of the foot. For outsole, it looks like it will be similar to last year as well and I think there will be colorways where they will offer a solid rubber option. No official release date as of the moment and for us here in the Philippines, there are a handful of stores here in Metro Manila that will have this for sure. Once we get a word from these stores, I will give an update and if they are near me would likely give you some in-store images as well. But for now, we'll just wait a bit longer.

Via: Peak Sport HQ


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