This Harden Vol 3 has that summer vibes

 The summer vibes in this Harden Vol 3 colorway is in full effect. Sporting a red/orange hue in the upper, there are some grey accents on the medial side, tongue and heel area where his logo and the number 13 (on both pair) is located. Also, the 3 stripes logo on the lateral side is in different shade as well for some contrast. The Boost foam and that lateral cage in the forefoot area is in white which I think is the right way to go since, it would be off if you make the Boost foam colored. Making it white makes it look clean. The outsole is a combination of solid rubber and translucent rubber and you can see the torsion plate in shade of orange as well. While the shoe looks good off court, keep in mind that this is still a performance sneaker so it means that you can bring this on the blacktop for some quick runs with your friends. You can get them now at the adidas store in Trinoma for Php 7,500.


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