Nike Air Barrage is getting retroed

Nike will be bringing back another classic model that is technically not a basketball shoe. In fact, these was worn in by NFL athletes because Nike really wanted to make their stamp on every sport possible. The Nike Air Barrage is a 90's shoe and you can see how bulky it is. Different overlays and combinations of materials were used from leather, to suede, and mesh that gives the shoe different layers which was also a way to place different color blockings back in the day. The most recognizable parts here is the outsole tooling which is made up of a thick and durable rubber that looks like a molar tooth that spells out the word AIR and that midfoot strap. No official word yet when is the actual release date but it is labeled as QS or Quick Strike which means these are expected to drop in limited quantities.

I remember this shoe because this is the shoe that made me love hightop sneakers. In fact, this shoe is also responsible why I am fond of bulky, hightop shoes. It was back when I was in high school when my friend gave me this shoe because my shoes were ruined. Here in the Philippines, it didn't matter if you play ball in a cross-training shoe or some running shoes, or in this case, football shoes. As long as they provide you are comfortable with them to play hoops in, then no problem with that. So this would be my go-to basketball shoe for a good 2 years I guess. In fact, those shoes were even not my size, they are bigger so I have to wear those booties that kids use when they go rollerblading. That bootie occupied the extra dead space and made me enjoy playing ball with my friends. So should these reach here in the Philippines, I would consider copping them and even play in them for a short time (just hoping that my knees won't get mad at me, lol).



  1. Are these the only color in stock

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