Converse All-Star Pro BB gets an early release

The Converse All-Star Pro BB will get an early release in limited quantities in the States this May 18. Returning in the basketball performance Realm, I think this is the best time for Converse as well as other brands just because people are getting more and more curious on what each brand has to offer. Also, it is not a guarantee that just because you are a household name, that you will get all people to buy your shoe. The sneaker game is more diverse now and if you slack on your product, chances are other brands will take your place especially now where there are returning brands as well as new brands.

For Converse, their return is very much welcomed because of their rich heritage during the early years of basketball. With Nike owning a part of Converse, they were able to lend their tech, which is React foam as part of the All-Star Pro BB's cushion setup. This will be a drop-in midsole and I am also curious how it will play out. I have seen Lunarlon as well as PU drop-in midsole done in a basketball shoe, so let's see how this will play out. Also, I wonder if this is the same React foam used in Nike Running or a modified version. If that is the case, that is a good cushion source although we'll have to wait a bit longer when they release officially. If you are in the US, keep in mind that these will drop on May 18 in limited quantities followed by a wider reach in other parts of US and China in June.



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