adidas Dame 5 'Different Breed'

A new and colorful of Dame 5 just dropped and it there's a ton of colors here which aside from its performance attributes, these are worthy to be showcased off court as well. Dubbed as "Different Breed", you can see shades of lime, blue, pink color all throughout the shoe. The forefoot area is made up of a synthetic leather-like material with a pearlized finish with the ankle/heel area being made up of that synthetic suede. You can also see the TPU lateral guard in hot pink which really stands out. The outsole is also multi-colored with blue and pink shade and while this colorway has many colors in it, it doesn't look like a unicorn vomit or something. Sure, the colors are out there but it's done in such a way where it isn't super striking and absurd to the eyes. Tech specs remain the same, that's why I mentioned earlier that aside from it being a good shoe on court, the colorway is playful that you can wear them casually as well. The shoe retails for Php 6,000 and is available now at adidas Trinoma.


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