Kixspotted: Reebok Iverson Legacy

For those who love the Iverson line from Reebok, now is your chance to cop the Iverson Legacy. The shoe itself is a nod to previous Answer models, as it incorporates some design schemes on the shoe's build. Speaking of build, the shoe looks very 90's because of its bulky look and use of premium materials like leather. If you love the early Iverson kicks, then this might be right up your alley. It may not be very breathable because of the thick upper but they tried to add a mesh tongue to allow heat to escape although it may not still much because of the leather panel on top of it as part of the shoe's strap going up to the tongue area to aid the speed lacing system. For cushioning, a combination of EVA foam together with their DMX cushioning system. I tried it on in store, and honestly it was quite different from what I remember back then. I was not fortunate enough to really own a pair of the Answer 1 because this is what the shoe's tooling and cushioning was taken from. But I remember borrowing a friend's shoe who owned a pair, and that feels much softer. I don't know, whether they modified the cushion setup and if that is the case, then it is a bummer because price of these is expensive in my opinion which is above the P10k price mark. However, if you are a fan of Iverson or Reebok basketball or even his shoes, then I'm sure a lot of you will still consider copping a pair.

Overall, the shoe has a premium build due to the use of leather and the silhouette really reminds you of a 90's shoe because it is bulky. The notable things in here are the design elements taken from previous Answer models and combining them into a whole new shoe. In terms of aesthetics, I love that strap on the tongue area as well as the design on the inside of the tongue which writes, "The Strong Survived". In case you don't know, AI has a tattoo on his arm with the words "Only The Strong Survive" and I think this is a spin off that tattoo paying homage to AI's basketball career cementing his greatness since he is now a Hall of Famer. You can check out the in-store footage and images that I took at the Reebok store in Vertis North and don't forget to comment down below what part of the shoe that you like. These are sold in limited quantities guys and retails for Php 11,095 so you might want to go there to secure a pair for yourself.


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