Converse returns to the court with the All-Star Pro BB

There are some things that I always keep in mind in this continuously-growing sneaker world. One is it keeps improving and the other is it is still a cycle. So having these 2 aspects joined together is always welcomed here especially if it is beneficial to the consumer. Converse steps again into the basketball realm with the All-Star Pro BB which is scheduled to release this May 2019. While May is just weeks away, one would say that how can you create a hype with this short of a timetable when some brands start their marketing campaigns of a certain product few months earlier its launch? Well, that's because of the rich heritage that Converse has and since they are under Nike's umbrella, it is easy to promote things and chances are they will be noticed at once.

So, what's new? Converse made sure that this splash will make a lot of consumers intrigued with this in terms of the tech specs. First is the upper which is a modern take on the canvas which they call Quadfit Mesh. It is lightweight and provides lockdown as well, maybe it shares some properties as the upper used in the latest KD shoe. For cushioning and the outsole, it is made up of a drop-in React foam encased in a cupped midsole/outsole. I am not yet sure on the implementation of the React foam if it is the one used in their running shoe or the one used for basketball. If its from the running shoe, then it is squishy and the cupped sole will provide stability, not making it too soft and making it more responsive. Another worth noting is the traction pattern. Kinda shallow so I don't know how it will fare with outdoor courts. But chances are these are built for indoor use, but it will depend on the density of the rubber. As I said, May 2019 is the scheduled release so watch out for more news here at

Via: Nike


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