Best Foot Forward: adidas Pro Bounce Madness 2019

Here are my first impressions on the adidas Pro Bounce Madness 2019. I bought this at the Intersports store in Vertis North. I am really torn between this and the Dame 5 because they have the same cushioning which is Bounce foam and I haven't had the chance to try adidas' Bounce foam. However, I didn't like the Dame 5's synthetic suede in the ankle area so I opted to get this because of the primary upper material which is mesh. There's still a synthetic suede material but it's just a small piece located on the medial side. Also, I picked up the hightop version because I'm not digging the way the ankle collar is sculpted in the lows. If it's just shaped normally, then I would have copped that even though I am not fond of lows. The shoe looks very supportive with its flat base and TPU lateral cage located in the midfoot. In terms of sizing, I think you could get away going half size down if you have a normal shaped feet. I picked up a size 9 and there's a bit more dead space than I would want to but since I got a high-top, it still fit fine. So just to be sure, try them in store first and try to walk around so get to feel the transition in every step. This are available at Intersports store in Vertis North and retails for Php 5,800. You can check out my short video below and watch out for the performance review real soon.


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