kixspotted: adidas Pro Bounce Madness 2019

Here is a latest drop from adidas basketball and it looks like, I'm feeling this model to cop soon. But for the meantime, here is the in-store footage of the adidas Pro Bounce Madness 2019 both low and hightop version.

Okay, it's been a long time since I've tried an adidas shoe and I am really looking forward to cop a pair soon and I think this might be it. At first, I am really leaning on getting the Dame 5 because I haven't got the chance to try out Bounce from a basketball performance standpoint. However, the materials, particularly the synthetic suede in the heel and ankle area feels too cheap for me especially when we are talking about a signature shoe. And because of that, I was really hesitant to grab a pair. Now that I have seen this, it looks like this might be the one that I am looking for. The price difference isn't that much when comparing it to the Dame 5 and in fact the material makeup is somewhat similar but this one is about 90% mesh material. There are molded foam sections particularly in the ankle collar area which I am really digging for support. The TPU lateral piece is still present and that Bounce cushion as well. Lastly, they have the same traction pattern which is multi-directional herringbone. There is a lowtop and a hightop version for this model and depending on the colorway, you will either get a solid or translucent rubber outsole. These are available now at Intersports store in Vertis North and retails for Php 5,500 for the lowtop and Php 5,800 for the hightop. 


  1. Pro Bounce Madness 2019
    These shoes are absolutely terrible for playing basketball. The traction is the worst part. If you play on a bit dusty court you will start skating. This is my 6th
    or 7th pair of adidas shoes (bought from adidas website) and I never
    had issue with that. They are just unplayable. Your feet will start sweating as
    hell in these. The material is thick and looks sturdy but your feet will feel
    overheated shortly. I don’t feel they support my feet at all. It feels like you
    have house slippers on the basketball sole. Be smarter than me and don’t buy
    this crap.


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