Performance Review: World Balance Court Shooter

Happy New Year everyone! Here is the performance review for the World Balance Court Shooter. Without further ado, let's go ahead and check out the shoe.


Mesh material can be seen on the upper material with KPU on the side panels. KPU is similar to TPU or plastic in its essence, but this one is more giving or flexible. You can say it's malleable but it still has some sturdiness to it making it versatile in terms of giving you structure and support in the upper but is not too restrictive. While the use of mesh is not new in today's age, it is still functional and while the upper in the previous shoe that I reviewed with World Balance, the Game Evolution, I like this more personally. Also, the because of a basic material, they were able to keep the price to a minimum which is one of the brand's selling points, to make a functional shoe without breaking your bank.


Just like the Game Evolution, the World Balance Court Shooter used a combination of EVA foam and their TerraSoft Insole system. Between the two, I enjoyed this a bit more just because the Game Evolution is too thin in the forefoot in terms of the ride, while this one I find more balanced. I rely on my forefoot most of the time so when the cushioning there is too thin or too much low-to-the-ground feel, chances are my feet or joints would feel more fatigued after the game. The EVA foam is very resilient and one might even say it is versatile when we talk of foams, but not all EVA are made the same. Even the process where the foam is constructed in a shoe is different (compression-molded and injection molded) but in general, EVA as a raw material can be made with different densities depending on the manufacturing specs. So this one is more pleasing to me and with the addition of their TerraSoft insole, it gets the job done. Not too many gimmicks, just straight up comfort and impact protection at the same time. I think this shoe is more catered to different positions when talking about World Balance's basketball models.


This is the shoe's most best asset in my opinion. In fact, the shoe's grip isn't really dependent on the "squeaking sound" that it produced. Sure, the production of that sound is an evidence that friction is applied and while it doesn't produce that squeak sound as often as some would want, the traction held up pretty nicely. It features a combination of herringbone and circular pattern which gives great floor coverage whether it's moving forward or doing curls. Less or minimal wiping is needed so even on dusty courts you'll be fine. With a shoe like this, you can easily use them in indoor or outdoor courts and in fact, as of the moment when I don't know the floor condition I'd be playing on, this would be my go-to shoe.

FIT: 4.25/5

Fit is true to size. Unlike the Game Evolution where I got a size 8 even though I am size 9, this one fits me perfectly with enough wiggle room inside. Since they have no half sizes, I would still suggest that you try them in stores especially for wide footers. It has a bootie construction and has a snug fit. The support is pretty basic with it relying first importantly on the fit/having your right size. The KPU extends a portion on the lacing system making the fit more secured especially when the laces are tied and adjusted well to lessen dead space. It has the build of a midtop and is fairly supportive to give you a peace of mind and just let you concentrate on playing. The base is wide and flat and even with the absence of an outrigger, it is still okay. The heel counter keeps your secured and since it has a bootie construction and minimized dead space, these gives the shoe a sense of a secured fit in general. Again, pretty basic but functional and you can never go wrong with that. No extra support pieces, just integral components that should give you a great fit.

PRICE: 4.5/5

For Php 1,799, the shoe is really a bang for your buck shoe. It is very functional and while this shoe was sent to me, I still wouldn't mind spending that amount of money to buy a well-rounded shoe. Firstly, the pricepoint is very competitive with other brands and it is versatile whatever court condition you play on. If you are thinking of beaters, then this is really a good choice. After all, a shoe that has good quality and not even reaching a the Php 2,000 mark is always a great deal if you ask me. The shoe is widely available at various World Balance stores and in various malls.


In conclusion, you really can't go wrong with the Court Shooter. It is a versatile shoe that even for me who prefer a higher cut shoe feels confident wearing it. Yes, it is true that the build is somewhat bare-bones to some and a bit outdated not utilizing textile materials like most shoes today, but it is functional shoe and the support pieces like the KPU material gives reinforcement both in the durability and fit category which is hitting 2 birds in 1 stone if you ask me. The addition of the KPU isn't overly dramatic, but just enough to provide structure and containment. Also, we are now getting used to them utilizing the EVA and their TerraSoft combo and while it is working well to the point of somewhat giving users different feel on the foam used in terms of execution, I am very curious now what holds in the future in terms of their next cushion source. I have seen and even tried a lifestyle shoe from World Balance called Metropolis and that Trampolite foam which is a lighter foam could be used in upping the ante a bit maybe a dual foam setup (just a suggestion). And I am pretty sure it could raise their price a bit, but if it is justified then maybe the consumer could welcome it with open arms. For now, let's wait what they will have in the future and let's hope that they continue to improve since it would be nice to see a local brand flourishing in our country and eventually outside our borders.



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