Puma Thunder Spectra

The Puma store in Trinoma underwent some renovation recently and returned with some heat. Aside from the neat store, they got some dope kicks like this Thunder Spectra which joins the "dad shoe" movement. Having a chunky midsole, retro fashion takes the driver's seat with the use of premium leather, suede, and mesh to give a nice modern look. The color blocking used in this particular silhouette has some loud colors but the grey shade kinda mellows everything out which is perfect especially if you like flexing your kicks without being too extra. There are a lot of kicks there that dropped recently and I suggest you check them out as well. In a time where a lot of brands are showcasing their stuff, one can only rock a limited number of pairs because there are really good kicks out there, and this is a good example if you want to be kinda different. The shoe retails for Php 6,630.


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