kixspotted Nike Kyrie 5

Here are in-store images or in our words, "kixspotted" for the Nike Kyrie 5. If you will ask me, it reminds me of the Kyrie 4 in terms of build in the upper. It is made from engineered mesh which nowadays is a versatile material to use because of its lightweight and breathable property. The most noticeable thing here is the lacing system with the use of Flywire and a contraption inspired by the Venus Flytrap. In gist, this would give you foot containment similar to what a strap would do but is more fastened. This could play an important role if it is executed properly. Also, forefoot cushioning is back with the implementation of a modified Zoom Air which they call Zoom Air Turbo. It is a circular-shaped unit with some articulations in the form of fold-like marks. What it does is since each person's body mechanics is different, you get a more fluid transition during your forefoot movement, be it a toe push-off or a shift in lateral weight during a crossover ala Kyrie. Lastly is a solid rubber outsole. There is a tag there in the shoe that says XDR, and my bet is that it is the colored part because I tried to run my finger on the grooves of the outsole and the colored sections are more harder compared to the color white section. Anyway, here is a video post that I've created as well as some images that I took at Nike Park in Trinoma. The shoe retails for Php 6,295. 


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