kixspotted Fila Disruptor 3

Here are in-store images as well as some detailed look on the Fila Disruptor 3 which is available now at the Fila store in Trinoma for Php 4,499.

With the success of the first Disruptor, Fila positive that bringing more silhouettes from the Disruptor line would be a hit. The good thing is they listened to the voice of the people rolling them out in multiple branches which somewhat spreads out the availability of the shoe, not just for the Disruptors but also their other lifestyle models like the Mindbreaker, Mindblower, Ray, etc. Here are some in-store images and video for the Disruptor 3. Sticking to its predecessors, the Disruptor 3 shares the same look and shape of the silhouette which is hot nowadays. The chunky midsoles are back this year and they are closing the year with it. Will this continue till next year? Only time will tell because hype caters to different territories in terms of its longevity. Brands may hype a certain product but it all depends whether the consumers will bite the bait as some would say. If the product is good, yeah sure people will, but if not, it will (hype) dry out pretty quickly.

Going back to the Disruptor 3, leather upper was used and depending on the color, you can either get a normal leather or a suede leather upper. In my opinion both looks nice. The white leather looks clean and crisp but I would go for the suede ones for a more premium look to it. There is a flush insole inside that goes well with the thick EVA midsole. It feels bulky and chunky which is what Fila's intended look. You can also see the Fila brandings on the tongue, forefoot, on the side panel heel and underneath the outsole. Finally, the serrated rubber outsole makes the shoe look rugged and very 90's. Since the midsole and outsole is thick, it does give you some extra boost in height, not really important to some, but others do want to "stand out" a bit. I've spotted these at Fila Trinoma and retails for Php 4,499 but I'm pretty sure they are also available in some of their branches as well. 


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