World Balance High Voltage

 Another World Balance basketball shoe is now available and they are calling it High Voltage. A low-cut performance shoe, it does look pretty plain in terms of silhouette so I took some time inspecting the shoe to understand why it is a performance model. It features a mesh upper with fuse materials being incorporated in the design of the upper in a form zigzag or "lightning" pattern. What it does is it protects the mesh material by providing some top layer protection (albeit not fully) but still keeping it light. This would be ideal for players who rely on quickness and speed like guards or wingmen. Cushioning is made up of EVA with TerraSoft Insole system. I tried it on and it feels low to the ground initially. If you love court feel, you will love this. World Balance tries to give you a responsive ride with this but is not willing to sacrifice support as well. On the lateral side of the midsole, it is subtle but in actuality, there is a TPU placed on it shaped as part of the midsole. It is there and it is has a somewhat glossy finish when compared to the actual midsole and you can see it evidently on the heel area where the midsole and the TPU meets. What this does it provides a somewhat seamless look of  support, as it acts like a frame to prevent from over extending your foot laterally on the footbed during quick cuts. This is what I think it is and while I haven't tried it yet in an actual game, I think it's a clever trick. Underneath is a solid rubber outsole, with multiple traction patterns like blade patterns in small segments (forefoot and heel area) and camo-like pattern in the midfoot which is more widely spaced (mid part). It is flat and looks okay for outdoor use as well. Two colorways are available now at World Balance stores near you and retails for Php 1,899.


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