World Balance Fire Power

The previous World Balance model that I wrote about features a simple silhouette and design, this model called the "Fire Power" looks more like a performance sneaker so if you find the latter (High Voltage)a bit plain, then this model might be up for consideration. It features a lightweight synthetic or fuse-like materials and this red colorway has a metallic shine to it which makes it nice in my opinion. The lines makes it look sharp and throws off a bulky look but on hand, it feels light. While it features a fuse upper, there are some sections where heat can be allowed to escape preventing your feet to soak up in sweat. The vents aren't drastic, but at least you can get some air circulation when comparing it to an all-leather material. Cushion is made up of EVA foam with TerraSoft insole system for additional layer of protection. The outsole is made up of solid rubber with traditional and modified herringbone patterns placed on different sections giving it some multi-directional court coverage. Available in 2 colorways, you can get these at World Balance stores for Php 2,199.


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