Jumpman Hustle

The Jumpman Hustle looks like the Jordan Why Not 0.1 with the shroud can be zipped down. However, the shape and the quick glance would be the only similarities that I could think of fast. This is priced a bit lower than the Why Not 0.1 because of its cushion setup being phylon foam carrier and a forefoot Zoom Air only. However, a forefoot Zoom Air could also be good if done properly and while I haven't tried them, I don't think that Jordan Brand make such a major deal-breaker on this shoe considering the price and especially now that every brand is showcasing what they can provide to the consumer. People nowadays a lot of option and if they think that it's not worth their money, they would looking elsewhere to satisfy their needs. Underneath is a herringbone-patterned outsole and depending on the colorway, you can get either a solid rubber or translucent one (with a small piece of solid rubber). Personally, I wish there could be more colorways or maybe some design on the upper perhaps just to make it not too bland. They were able to do it on the Why Not offering some colors or graphic designs on the upper. Or maybe since the price is kinda fair, why don't they release team colors, that would be nice too right? These are priced at Php 5,795 which you can get now at Titan stores, with these particular in-store images taken at their Vertis North branch.


  1. i completely agree with you regarding additional colorways. they should have at least brought in the predominantly white lower with black upper(as reviewed in weartesters).


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