Fila Spaghetti Low

Fila is on bringing back the classics. With the success of the Disruptors, a lot of retros are about to drop soon and while waiting, you might want to check out a basketball model in lowtop form, the Spaghetti which I think has been worn by Jerry Stackhouse back in the 90's. Available in 2 colorways namely in black and white, the upper material is different with each colorway. Suede for the black and leather for the white colorway and even the outsole composed of solid rubber and gum outsole respectively. The silhouette gives off that retro look because it still has that bulky shape although not as bulky in the high-top form. Also, I think back then the Fila Spaghetti's cushion features their 2A cushion just like the Fila 96 or Grant Hill's shoes. This one I think is just basic EVA foam although I am not really sure. I had the Fila 96 when they re-released it 3 years ago and that one was very comfy compared to this one. Maybe they decided that this would be just a lifestyle shoe so they stripped the cushion tech which is a bummer if that's the case. Personally, I would want the old tech back not for old time's sake but because this was a performance shoe back then and in a time where brands are returning, this would be a good option too since that 2A cushion was really nice and comfortable even in today's time. There are few pairs left at the Fila store in Trinoma so you can drop by there if you want to cop a pair.


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