adidas Pro Bounce 2018 Low Kyle Lowry PE

Kyle Lowry, another adidas athlete will get his own PE of the adidas Pro Bounce 2018 Low. Decked in black with grey and gold hits, this would fit perfectly well with one of the Toronto Raptors' dark jersey which has a black and gold color scheme. Black upper can be seen predominantly with white color on the 3 stripes. The midsole tooling where the Bounce foam is housed has a graphic design on it and it would be nice if they used a maple leaf design on it just for a more Canada theme to it (similar to Andrew Wiggins PE). The torsion plate is made up of metallic finish to match with the gold accents. A translucent rubber outsole was used to give more space for the graphic design underneath. On the tongue has Kyle Lowry's logo and I hope adidas give Kyle Lowry a better logo since I personally find it too plain. Lowry has been with them for quite some time providing a more solid performance in the guard position and I think it would only be fitting if they kinda give more perks by designing a better logo. You can get this PE version of Kyle Lowry's Pro Bounce 2018 Low at adidas stores now with this in-store images taken at their Trinoma branch and retails for Php 5,800.


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