World Balance Metropolis

Stroll the metro with World Balance's latest lifestyle silhouette, the Metropolis. The build is kinda minimalist which is usually the trend where lifestyle kicks are all about comfort. It is comprised of a knit upper which is light and soft giving you a sock-like fit. There is a strap across the midfoot to give you some foot security. Synthetic or fuse material was used on the sides to give the shoe some support against usual wear and tear. This is a lifestyle shoe so it looks good aesthetically. Inside is a Bounce Pad insole system combined with Trampolite cushion which feels bouncy. While the build is minimalist, there is a heel counter at the back to provide some structure as well. Underneath is a solid rubber outsole with some of the foam exposed and it somewhat shaves off some weight since there is no solid rubber present in that area. For sizing, it feels like the Game Evolution which runs one size big. The shoe that I tried on is a size 8 and I am a size 9 (they have no half sizes). So just to be sure, better try them on since they are readily available in World Balance stores. They come in 2 colorways, black and grey for the mens (Php 1,999) and grey and lighter shade for the womens (Php 1,799). Here are in-store images for you to check out.


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