Is this the Kyrie 5?

The NBA season just started and just before the Boston Celtics first game, they had one last practice and it is where Kyrie bring out what might be the Kyrie 5. Just a disclaimer, there is no official word yet on Nike or any official unveiling so all of these will be just some observations from the images that were shown. It is common that early stages or prototypes of shoes were in black because colors isn't as important as its performance so I guess it is okay for it to be in black. It has a midcut built with Flywire lacing system to promote midfoot lockdown. The midsole also looks rounded just like the previous versions which is very helpful to Kyrie's style of play. The rounded or curved midsole helps promote a cradling effect which gives side to side movements (crossover dribble for example) some fluidity. For materials, I think it is just engineered mesh and I think it's alright so they could make the price competitive. We don't know exactly what will be it's cushion setup, price, and release date so we'll just have to wait for Nike's announcement for that so be sure to check out for sneaker news, features, and reviews.

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