Puma RS-0 Sound

Puma digging deep into their archive and brought back a technology from the 80's, The RS or Running system was Puma's solution to running performance that time. Now, it's back with some twist to it making the shoe's tech functional in today's sneaker world. Now geared towards the lifestyle category, the Puma RS-0 Sound has leather upper combined with mesh just like how shoe was made in the 80's, bringing some nostalgic effect. In a time where majority of the upper is made from textile, seeing this kind of material usage is a fresh look in the eye and while it may not be as light as today's standards, what gives you is a stylish look which is perfect for casual use. Puma's Running System is with the use of IMEVA in the midsole making it light, yet comfortable. The shoe is already available at the Puma Store in Trinoma for Php 5,400 and it does really look good. It looks like the silhouette will be used more as different collaboration are already floating around the web like the Puma X Sega and Puma X Polaroid to name a few.


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